Selecting Kitchen Lighting Designs

Modern kitchens have many different lighting schemes, but one trend continues to rise in popularity: kitchen lighting designs. Lighting is the key element in creating the ideal ambience and atmosphere for cooking and food preparation. Custom kitchen lighting designs create a warm, inviting, as well as functional feel to the space. If your kitchen design is outdated or looking worn around the edges, contact local Naples custom kitchen lighting designers. They can re-design your kitchen cabinets and light fixtures to bring you the perfect kitchen lighting that suits your needs.

One key element in kitchen lighting designs is the lighting over your countertop. The right lighting can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making your kitchen pop. Properly-designed lighting can dramatically change the look of your kitchen counters, creating a warm, inviting, or even cozy glow that makes the space feel larger. Overhead lighting, in particular, creates a feeling of space. It makes the space appear bigger because it accentuates the lighting around the perimeter of the room.

Track lighting is one of the most popular kitchen lighting designs currently being used. Invented in the 1960s by an electrical engineer named William G. Lawrence, track lighting is a type of lighting that is installed along a long, curved track. Today, a variety of different track lighting styles are available. Track lighting is most often installed along the counters, but some kitchen lighting designs also focus lighting on corners or towards the ceiling. This type of light fixture is most often concealed within the cabinet base itself, rather than being installed in front of or behind cabinets. Because this type of lighting can be customized to fit into tight spots and around corners, it is a good choice for kitchen lighting designs.

Pendant lights are another popular choice for kitchen lighting designs. Typically, these light fixtures are hung from a small post mounted in the ceiling or a wall. These light fixtures allow you to customize the level of illumination you need for a given space. Some people install these light fixtures under cabinets to create a dimmer, while others install them over kitchen counter tops to spotlight dishes or other items for a more focused, general lighting design.

One of the newest kitchen lighting designs is under-cabinet pendants. Similar to the concept of a drop light, an under-cabinet pendant illuminates a specific area, such as a kitchen island or countertop. This type of light fixture is typically installed between the top of a cabinet and the countertop. Because this option can be customized to fit into tight spaces and awkward corner areas, it is a popular choice for kitchen lighting designs.

If you’re looking for kitchen lighting designs that are more customized and task specific, you might consider installing track and recessed lights. Typically, these are installed at the base of cabinet and countertops. The installation process consists of installing the track fixtures through holes drilled in the surface of your cabinets and the installation of recessed lights below the surfaces of your cabinets. The installation of track and recessed lights help to create uniform lighting levels throughout your kitchen, as well as provide focused illumination for specific functions, such as when you cook or prep food. For quality kitchen lighting design visit

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